Hi, I'm Starlena, owner and founder of Sophia Dee Skincare. I am a wife, and mother to little miss Sophia, my reason and inspiration for formulating my own clean skincare products.
It first began when I found out I was expecting; I started to question everything I put into and onto my body. I tried many different natural products, and while the formulas were clean enough, the results were lacking. With a few products I tried, my sensitive skin was actually left looking worse than before I started using them. My acne got worse, and I started having more severe issues with irritation and redness. I've dealt with sensitive skin since my teenage years, and I suspect it was exacerbated  by essential oils and poorly formulated fatty acid ratios.
I started researching ingredients and found that a lot of companies were using cheap fillers, inflammatory oils, irritating and acne causing ingredients, and the list goes on... After some extensive researching, I started mixing my own simple formulas. A few weeks went by and I started to see some improvement in my skin. I then decided to purchase more ingredients to make more complex formulations. My goal was to create a completely clean product that actually worked! I was confident I could formulate a better product than what was on most store shelves. Reading medical journals on skin, buying new ingredients, and formulating new products became a hobby of mine. 
I was beyond ecstatic when my esthetician noticed the improvement in my skin, and asked me what I had been using. She watched my skin continue to improve, and after a few months she asked if she could try some. I gave her a cleanser, toner, and face oil. She loved them all. With her guidance, and the encouragement of friends and family that tried and loved my products as well, I decided to turn my hobby into a business.
So after 3 years of research, experimenting, and countless batches later, I finally have a clean, non-toxic skincare line I can proudly stand behind. It makes me happy beyond words to hear the positive feedback from my friends and family who volunteered to try my product line, through of all of it's formula evolutions. All of my hard work has finally come to fruition, and at 32 years old, my skin has never looked better.
Each ingredient has been carefully researched and analyzed for quality, performance, purity, and results-driven benefits. It was also very important to me for all of our products to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The final product as well as the individual ingredients used are never tested on animals. We do as much as we can to reduce waste, use sustainable, glass packaging, and source the finest, fair-trade ingredients. 

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